Yoga Wear - our Winners!

Part - Two
by Maya T. and Lena Stefanovic

Yes !!! Our WINNERS are  Wellicious and LVR Fashion! Congratulations! Second is Athleta by Gap and third N---*. Bravo! Thanks to all our participants.


If you want to be hugged and comfortable but in a feminine and luxurious way then Wellicious is right Yoga
Wellicious is a London based lifestyle, eco-friendly brand founded by Yogista Heike Schnell in 2007, and is
Their apparel is on expensive side but  - it will last and you’ll be sure that after you bent over into a forward bend pose 50 times there is no that see-through factor that nobody likes to experience.
Wellicious use natural fabrics – cotton, Lyocell and cashmere – all easy to wear and easy to take care for. Their apparel is naturally breathable and soft against your skin.
Wellicious collection is casual, timeless and versatile thus can be used not just for Yoga but for everyday wear too.

Founder and her team are very proud that they are able to use sustainable materials ethically produced and packed in Europe.

What else one can ask for?
LVR Fashion
Again, another earth-friendly brand that is loved for their roomy and so, so soft tops as well as incredibly flattering bottoms with that convenient long fold that helps us hiding little problems areas around waist and tush.
LVR was founded in 2010 by Eric Clarke. It is Los Angeles based company and as Wellicious it is designed and produced in their own community using organically farmed materials. LVR yoga wear is colourful yet made from low-impact dyes and vintage washes so it is especially good for people with allergies to certain chemicals and fabrics (like me being allergic to all non wrinkle fabrics containing carcinogenic formaldehyde).
LVR yoga wear is playful, functional and flattering and again – so, so soft!

Athleta by GAP
GAP is well known company for their both casual and active lifestyle apparel. Athleta is newer to the GAP family and as expected always up-to-date.
There is not much I can say about Athleta that is not already known – we all love their light, breathable tops, their perfect blend of cotton and Lycra, their soft and at the same time strong sport bras, good quality bottoms, wide assortment of hoodies, jackets, and accessories…
Athleta is expression of simplicity, functionality and style.

Now, which brand would you use depend on you and your specific needs. I am sure that there are great companies out there that are unknown to me so please, feel free to comment bellow this post.
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Cute Quotes:
- It’s astounding how much one’s stress level goes down with a simple act of switching from skinny jeans to yoga pants.
- ‘Those yoga pants are hideous’. Said no one ever.
*  Unfortunately I got an email on October 7,2014 from N--- company that they are not granting permission to use or modify their trademarks, logos, images, advertising or similar materials therefore I am not able to write about this great company.
I  removed  text and photos that I previously published. I assure our readers that Jazzy Traveller always ask for the permission to publish other company's name or photos and N--- was not an exemption. I apologize to N--- for briefly using their name and photos


  1. Dear Maya, Thank you so much for your email! The blog looks great and so happy that we have won!
    All the best,
    Lucy Elliott
    Corporate Communications & Marketing

  2. Hi Maya! It is so wonderful what you are doing. We are so grateful for your amazing write ups!! I am going to link this one as well!!
    Thank you again so much!
    Peace and love,
    Anastasia Mazula

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